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Business and You

The 2 1/2 day Business and You experience is designed to energize and inspire the very core of each participant, as it has done for thousands from around the world.

The immersive workshop is designed to provide a fundamental shift, both internally and externally. Upon graduation, your perception of the world and your place in it will be radically different and better. This class is a game-changer.



Powerful Presentations

The Secrets of Powerful Presentations  is a full 2 day interactive learning experience that will absolutely exceed your expectations.

This course will dynamically affect the way you present to a group and communicate with individuals both personally and professionally. Refine your ideas with Marshall personally to create the ultimate presentation for your personal project.



Future of Business

The Future of Business is a 2 day event focused on the three fundamentals pillars to achieve business success in the 21st century. Being flexible in the face of a rapidly changing marketplace is a daunting task.

This new class will focus on staying innovative while identifying optimizing techniques through fun games, and collaborative experiences. Solve tomorrow’s problems today.